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Early consultation with an attorney can help you make better decisions and prevent serious problems before they occur.  

Who needs an attorney?

Almost everyone, sooner or later.  Many people only think of seeing an attorney after they face a legal problem, but the best time to consult an attorney is before, not after, you have a legal problem or issue.  Be better prepared. 

When do you need an attorney?

Early consultation with an attorney can help to prevent serious problems later on. Common scenarios when you should have an attorney include:

 1. Before signing a contract to buy or sell a house, other real estate, or a business.

 2. When making a will and trusts for estate planning or to protect your assets.

 3. Before signing any written contract that has any major financial provision or consequence.

 4. When marital or other family problems arise.

 5. When organizing and running a business. Legal services do not end when a business is formed. There are ongoing concerns about employment law,          intellectual property rights, workplace safety, insurance, vendor contracts, etc.

 6. When tax problems arise.

 7. When accidents occur involving personal injury or property damage.

 8. When you want to receive veteran benefits.

 9. When you are sued or want to sue someone.

10. When dealing with an immigration issue like work visas, green cards, or citizenship, etc.

11. As soon as you are asked questions by police or other law enforcement officials concerning your conduct or possible involvement in a crime, or if you are  arrested or issued a citation for a serious traffic violation.  If you are arrested or charged with a crime, or questioned about your possible involvement in a  crime, you should always see an attorney at the earliest possible moment and make no statement of any kind whatsoever to ANYONE until you have     received legal advice. 

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